In a land secluded from the rest of the world a dark power sleeps, but a dark force strives to wake this power and claim it for their own.

The land is the land of BrĂ³n. It is a harsh rocky land with little room for farming. The ones that do farm work long and hard to pull the rocks from the ground and spend years nurturing the soil to make it capable of supporting crops. The people are all human and a hearty folk if I bit primitive. Magic is all but unknown to them, as well as the arts of science and math. The people are broken up into 8 clans each has a king. Theas kings get together and vote on the strongest, bravest, and most cunning of them and make them the High King a title that lasts for 1 full year and is continual the source of countless wars among the clans. Strangers are welcome but not trusted. And outlanders are feared and despised by the common folk for the perversion they represent.

The people worship the 9 divine beings that rule the world of their ancestors.

The wolf – spirit of the wilds
The bear- spirit of strength
The owl – spirit of wisdom
The hawk – spirit of cunning
The snake – spirit of deception
The raven – spirit of death
The tiger – spirit of war
The rabbit – spirit of nature
The dear – spirit of life